We provide a vast amount of computer services to help out small business start-up or expand.

Computer Consulting

We will provide your company with information that you need to start-up or expand your computers in your office.


We will provide your company installation of new or upgrade of existing equipment: servers, routers, firewalls, spam blockers, switches, desktops, laptops, and just about anything computer related as well as telephone systems and video surveillance systems.

Wiring Installation

We will install wiring for telephone, video, and networks that your company may need.

Staff Augmentation

We will provide your company additional staff on a full time, part time, or as needed basis for desktop, server, or network support. Needed addition staff for a project, we will provide that staff to complete your project successfully.

Property Management Software

We will provide the installation, set-up, and configuration of your property management software: AMSI, Skyline, and Timberline.

Electronic Mail Solution

We can provide you with a web-based email & collaboration solution at a small monthly fee.